5 Must-Haves For Your Company Website


5 Must-Haves For Your Company Website

Your website is like a shop window, it should grab the users attention and encourage them to take an action, whether that’s buying a product or service, signing up for your newsletter, or simply asking for a quote. This article explains the top five must have features on your website, that help with your conversation rate.

Provide a call to action: It is essential that your websites homepage contains a call to action that encourages your customers to take immediate steps—request a quote, inquire about a product, or make a purchase.

Social media integration: With social media becoming even more popular these days, especially amongst the youth, your website should link to your social media profiles. We would advise you to put “share” buttons on content-rich pages. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Unique selling points: Your USP’s should be made clear, as they help separate your business from your competitors. You should give real reasons why your customers should buy from you as opposed to your competitors. For example fixed prices, No Fix No Fee, 2 year guarantee, or anything else that sets you apart.

Easy way for your customers to contact you: Your customers will not want to look around your website for your contact details, and will often move onto another website if they cannot find them easily. By implementing a contact form your customers can easily fill out the form to send an enquiry.

Impressive website design: A unique bespoke design sets your business apart from your competitors. In addition to this a well thought out design, will help with your conversation rate, reducing the number of people hitting the dreaded back button.

These five webdesign tips discussed in this article will help you improve your conversation rate, whilst reducing the number of bounces. However should you need any further advice, do not hesitate to contact Web design Liverpool today.

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