Charity web design

We love to work with local charity and not-for-profit organisations, helping them to achieve their social and commercial objectives, through effective website design, e-commerce solutions and online marketing strategies. Our aim is to support your charity, helping to make a real difference for your cause in the best way we can. As a charitable organisation you will not only receive a professional website with free hosting, our web designer will use their expertise to help you apply for a Google Adwords grant worth $10,000 per month in online advertising!


Fixed prices

We offer fixed priced web design packages starting just £200!, including hosting and responsive design.


5 Must-Haves For Your Company Website

Your website is like a shop window, it should grab the users attention and encourage them to take an action, whether that’s buying a product or service, signing up for your newsletter, or simply asking for a quote. This article explains the top five must have features on your website, that help with your conversation rate.

Provide a call to action: It is essential that your websites homepage contains a call to action that encourages your customers to take immediate steps—request a quote, inquire about a product, or make a purchase.

Social media integration: With social media becoming even more popular these days, especially amongst the youth, your website should link to your social media profiles. We would advise you to put “share” buttons on content-rich pages. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Unique selling points: Your USP’s should be made clear, as they help separate your business from your competitors. You should give real reasons why your customers should buy from you as opposed to your competitors. For example fixed prices, No Fix No Fee, 2 year guarantee, or anything else that sets you apart. read more


7 Ways to optimise your wordpress website

WordPress is a popular platform for small business website’s due to its ease of use, and powerful features. It gives small business’s the ability to manage, update and edit their own website without the need to pay ongoing web design fees. WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems (CMS), in fact it is used by millions of business owners who live in every corner of the world. To help you optimise your website, we are going to discuss 7 different optimisation methods ensuring your website runs effectively.

Theme QualitySEO Search Engine Optimization, Ranking algorithm

As WordPress is an open source project and widely used content management system, their are thousands of different themes to choose from. However not every theme is written in a professional manner, so your website could be using unnecessary system resources. If this is the case your website will run slow, or even worse your hosting company could suspend your website if you go over your resource limits. So when choosing a theme for your website, you need to choose it wisely ensuring it is fully optimised for the web. read more


Why responsive web design is here to stay

We have seen many web design techniques come and go. Remember Asynchronous JavaScript and XML? or in 2006 and 2007, it was Ajax. These techniques are no longer as popular, unlike responsive web design which shows no sign of running out of steam. In fact Google now favour responsive websites and award them with better search rankings.

Responsive web design allows your website to be viewed from any device, with any size screen, whether that’s a laptop, pc, tablet or mobile phone. It’s about respecting the well known fact that people want to consume website experiences on their 4-inch mobile smartphone screen, their how responsive website design works7-inch mini tablet screen, their full-size 10-inch tablet device, their laptop screen and even their big-screen 4H HDTV. A truly responsive website constantly takes into account the properties of the device and the browser on which the user consumes the content. So no longer do you require two separate websites, one for desktop and laptop computers and the other for mobile devices. read more


Web design for your startup business

Are you currently looking to start your own business?, we can help you get it off the ground and running successfully. We specialise in offering affordable web design services for small startup businesses, building them a unique and responsive website that will stand out from your competitors.


Professional web design services

You will find plenty of web design companies offer standard packages, providing small businesses an affordable way to create an online presence. However just imagine if you could have a bespoke, personalised service for the same price as a standard package. That's where we come in!, our believe is that your website should be individually designed to meet your business' needs, and to engage and interact with your specific target audience, without costing you a fortune.


How Charities Can Use Their Websites to Fundraise

When you work in the charity sector, fundraising is part and parcel of every move you make. No matter how large or small your charity is, you’re always thinking about how to generate more money for your cause. Without an effective website, your charity is missing out on a potential source of income. In fact large charities here in the UK, gain more income from online marketing, then they do from any other fundraising campaign.

That’s why it’s crucial for every Web design imagecharitable organisation to design a website that no only entices the user to make a donation but also makes it easy to do so. From the moment a potential donor lands on your website, they should know exactly what your charity does, why it matters and how they can help. Here a some tips you should keep in mind when designing a website for your charity.

Have a strong call to action on every page

We cannot emphasis enough how important call to actions are. So if you want people to donate to your charity? Go ahead and tell them. Place a Donate button in your header and footer and make sure that all your websites pages includes call to action (“CTA”) such as “Get Involved, Join Us,” or “Support Our Work.” These call to actions should of course link directly to your donate page. read more


3 Ways to Create More Engaging Website Landing Pages

When a customer arrives at your website– either from an online search result or from a link in an advertisement — the page they are brought to is called a landing page. This could be your home page or any other page that you create for that matter. Since your landing page can be critical in converting casual browsers into paying customers, it’s important that they are optimized for maximum engagement.

If you’re concerned that your current landing pages may be driving visitors away instead of encouraging them to engage further with your content, you should consider the following strategies to optimise your landing pages:

Create custom landing pages

Your website landing page exists to form a bridge between your traffic referral source; such as a website designlink in an advert or from social media, and the rest of your website. With this mind you should create custom landing pages tailored to the individual visitor’s needs. For example if you are a guttering and roofing company, and your visitors click on your guttering advert, then it is essential that they are brought to a custom landing page about your guttering services. If you simply refer all your website visitors to your homepage they will more than likely leave your website. People expect to go straight to the relevant page, without looking all over your website. read more


Free website hosting

All our web design clients will receive complementary free website hosting with their chosen package, along with responsive design and a content management system. Why pay more?