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Increasing your domains authority

You maybe left wondering, how come some websites rank higher than you, even though your article/page was written first?. Well search engines use lots of different factors to calculate your websites ranking for particular keywords. However one of the most important factors is domain authority. By having a greater domain authority, search engines will see your content as more important, no matter what topic your write about. However gaining domain authority takes time and is earned through hard work. Their is no shortcut to ranking well, and trying to cheat the system will have adverse affects if you get caught.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority was developed by Moz, How Domain Authority is calculatedto predict how well a domain (website) will rank in the search engine results. They take into account lots of different factors when calculating your score such as Moz Rank, Moz Trust, social signals, linking root domains, total backlink profile, user experience, website loading times, traffic, etc. All of which should be improved over time as your website ages. Domain Authority is a score out of a 100, and you should always aim to get this as high as possible. Remember though, no one can guarantee you a particular ranking in search engine results, but SEO will certainly help to improve it. So by improving your SEO efforts you are increasing your chances of reaching that all important first page. read more


Marketing your website

Your business website is an essential tool in your marketing strategy. It not only helps new customers find you, but it also advertises everything you have to offer. A website can have many purposes, to attract new customers, engage with existing customers, improve your customer service, and offer online sales/services. If marketed correctly you business website not only has the ability to reach businesses and consumers locally, but in fact globally. This means online marketing is the most crucial form of business marketing, and in fact the most cost effective if done correctly!

Plan out your website marketing

Before you start to design your website, how to market your websiteyou will need to develop a clear idea of your targeted market (who you are trying to reach) and what you want to achieve. To gain maximum exposure from your business website, you will need to advertise it on search engines and other popular places. Their are many different places to advertise online, but the most popular being; pay per click campaigns, SEO (help get your website to the top of the natural search results) and social media marketing. Business directories can also be useful to target customers on a more local level, however the number of people using them has dramatically decreased over the past couple of years. Another useful tip is to carefully choose your domain name, so it is memorable and reflects what your business does. read more


5 Web Design Techniques to Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

Your web design should be SEO friendly, otherwise it will not be easy for potential customer to find your website. By using effective SEO techniques when designing a website, you will be improving your websites visibility, leading to more sales!. This is the first criteria that you should keep in mind when developing a website. You can try out many things to make your website search friendly. But here are the top five things that you should begin with in your website design.

1) Ensure you website is mobile responsive

It has now become increasingly common for peoplSEO Search Engine Optimization, Ranking algorithme to search for services/goods using their mobile phone or other device. With this in mind a professional web designer will implement responsive design techniques, which allow your website to adapt to any screen. This ensures your website looks beautiful on any device, and you don’t miss out on the 78% of Google searches which now come from mobile devices. Google have now recognised this and now favour responsive website’s in their ranking algorithm.

2) Provide plenty of content

Your website is a living, breathing entity on the internet. Every update you make to your website  plays an important part in its interaction with visitors, customers, and the powerful search engines. However, a static website without updates of any kind can often be viewed by search engines as a “dead” entity – with no life and nothing new to offer. With this is mind you should regularly update your websites content and make use of an integrated blog. read more


Web Design vs. SEO vs. Social Media

When designing a website you not only need to worry about making it look good, but how it performs in search engines. Its no good having a beautiful website that no one gets to see. On the other hand, if you focus entirely on SEO, your website will fail to convert visitors into sales. Whereas If you only focus on social media and nothing else, you are less likely to meet your return on investment targets. It is therefore essential that you implement effective web design solutions, whilst at the same time effectively utilise all available forms of online marketing.

Web design, SEO, and social media are three important components of a successful Internet marketing strategy.  So If you want people to find your business, you need outstanding SEO. If you want them to contact you or purchase from your site, you need great web design.  If you want to create a lot of word-of-mouth recognition or implement a viral marketing campaign, social media is an excellent tool for you.

As many business owners know, when it comes to online marketing strategies, there is no one-size-fit-all method.  As a result of this, your first step to online marketing should be reviewing your business goals. When our clients ask us: “How much would you spend on SEO? Do I need to redesign my web site? Should I create a Facebook page for my business? Is pay per click right for me?  Should I start a blog?”  we always say, it only makes sense if it relates to your business goals. read more


How to use Color in Web Design

The current landscape of color in website design is interesting topic to think about. You will have noticed that the majority of websites look more or less the same, yet color can be a powerful tool in design. In this article we will discuss how colour is effectively by web design professionals.

Draw Attention to Anything You Want

Most websites you come across start with a basic grayscale look, white background and black text. Color comes in as accents that get you to look places. That’s why websites are not filled with color – they use it to get you to look at the buttons, headlines or links.

Create Personality

Color is wonderful because it can set a tone and mood for a website or brand. By using colours effectively your website will stand out from the crowd and entice your visitors to see more.

Provide Cohesion and Flow

Web designers can also use Color to guide a user along with a flow. Color can be subtle and there doesn’t need to be dramatic or over the top in order to help guide a user along. It’s especially helpful when the hues are cohesive among each other. It’s basically how brand colors work. read more


Beautiful custom designed websites

Stand out from your competitors and appeal to your potential customers with a custom designed website. Our custom designed websites are developed with our clients goals in mind. Creating a beautiful website is only the first step. We spend the necessary time to truly understand each clients goals so that the final design meets their business’ objectives.

We think that attractive websites are great, but effective websites are far better. So here at Web Design Liverpool, we go one step further and combine the two. So we not only produce excellent custom built website designs that are attractive, but also effective giving you a much better conversation rate.

Our professional team of website designers will work closely with you to create a design that looks great and perfectly matches your existing brand. We’ll collaborate on ideas that will make your website completely unique and noticeably modern.

Responsive website design

All our websites utilise the latest responsive design techniques to automatically adapt your website to whatever type of device it’s being viewed on. The result is a site the looks fantastic on everything from a phone, to an iPad to the biggest desktop monitors. read more


How Charities Can Use Their Websites to Fundraise

When you work in the charity sector, fundraising is part and parcel of every move you make. No matter how large or small your charity is, you’re always thinking about how to generate more money for your cause. Without an effective website, your charity is missing out on a potential source of income. In fact large charities here in the UK, gain more income from online marketing, then they do from any other fundraising campaign.

That’s why it’s crucial for every Web design imagecharitable organisation to design a website that no only entices the user to make a donation but also makes it easy to do so. From the moment a potential donor lands on your website, they should know exactly what your charity does, why it matters and how they can help. Here a some tips you should keep in mind when designing a website for your charity.

Have a strong call to action on every page

We cannot emphasis enough how important call to actions are. So if you want people to donate to your charity? Go ahead and tell them. Place a Donate button in your header and footer and make sure that all your websites pages includes call to action (“CTA”) such as “Get Involved, Join Us,” or “Support Our Work.” These call to actions should of course link directly to your donate page. read more


Quality web design in Liverpool

Your website is normally the first place any potential customer visits to find out more, make an enquiry or purchase your services or products. Therefore you should always ask yourself the following questions: Are you making it easy for potential customers to do this? Are you making the right impression?

Our Liverpool based web design team, specialise in building attractive, user-friendly and functional websites that work for your business or organisation. We always ensure we make time to understand your needs and objectives and take a fresh approach to every new project.

Our web design team, build beautiful, user-friendly websites that engage with yourweb design liverpool process visitors and provide a real return on investment. From quality budget websites to bespoke content managed websites, we have a solution to match your budget. Also all our websites are built using the latest in responsive design, which means your website layout will adapt to display optimally on different screen sizes.

As web design specialists here in Liverpool, we know our customers are looking for something special, different from your competitors and truly unique. That is why our professional web designers take the time to work with you to produce something that is not only functional but also something spectacular that you can be truly proud of. read more


What is bespoke web design?

Bespoke web design, is a service where you get a custom designed website built to your exact requirements. No templates are used at all and everything is designed and coded from scratch. As a result of this bespoke web design is more expensive compared to other solutions, but you get it built exactly how you want it to look, along with all the functionality you require. Bespoke web design solutions often generate more sales compared to cheaper solutions as they are better designed, and help you stand out from your competitors.

Why choose bespoke web design?

A bespoke website is tailor-made to your exact business requirements and are designed and built by experienced web designers. As part of the bespoke service, the web designer will spend more time with you to analyse your requirements, interpret your brief and work with you at every stage to create a design that is unique to you. This ensures the identity of the business is consistent throughout the website and will ensure an overall positive user experience. read more


Free website hosting

As a small business ourselves, Web Design Liverpool understand the need to keep your ongoing business costs as low as possible. With this in mind, we have decided to offer free website hosting with all of web design packages, preventing the need for any monthly costs!.

What is website hosting?

A website hosting account is basically where you store you website files so that it can be accessed via the internet. Essentially you are renting storage space on a web server, that is available online 24/7. So when people want to view your website, they simply type your website address into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be displayed through their web browser.

The importance of quality hosting

Their are plenty of website hosts diagram showing how website hosting worksavailable online, some even free. However most come with limitations, so choosing the right host is key to success. Some may have a monthly bandwidth limit,  whilst other’s will limit the size of your website database. You don’t want a hosting account with either of these limitations, as if you exceed your bandwidth limit your website will then go offline until the next month. Whereas database limits stop you from growing your website, especially if you are using e-commerce. By getting a website designed by us you don’t have to worry about these things. We have carefully invested in the right technology to remove these limitations. We only offer quality website hosting here Liverpool. read more