How Charities Can Use Their Websites to Fundraise


How Charities Can Use Their Websites to Fundraise

When you work in the charity sector, fundraising is part and parcel of every move you make. No matter how large or small your charity is, you’re always thinking about how to generate more money for your cause. Without an effective website, your charity is missing out on a potential source of income. In fact large charities here in the UK, gain more income from online marketing, then they do from any other fundraising campaign.

That’s why it’s crucial for every Web design imagecharitable organisation to design a website that no only entices the user to make a donation but also makes it easy to do so. From the moment a potential donor lands on your website, they should know exactly what your charity does, why it matters and how they can help. Here a some tips you should keep in mind when designing a website for your charity.

Have a strong call to action on every page

We cannot emphasis enough how important call to actions are. So if you want people to donate to your charity? Go ahead and tell them. Place a Donate button in your header and footer and make sure that all your websites pages includes call to action (“CTA”) such as “Get Involved, Join Us,” or “Support Our Work.” These call to actions should of course link directly to your donate page.

Demonstrate impact

Donors like to know exactly where their money is going. So you need to show how your donations are allocated, the impact its had on people lives etc. Websites with real life videos showing the difference donations have made to your charitable cause work best. You could also show exactly what a donor can “purchase” with different gift amounts. Remember to keep your website regularly updated showing clear examples of the work you are doing and the impact its having.

Show your website’s secure

Some donors are tentative to donate online because they’re worried that their personal and financial information are not be protected. To overcome this problem, you can make sure all information is securely encrypted using SSL.

Online shopping website

As well as accepting donations online, it is also advisable to sell some products through your website to further complement your online fundraising activities. A good mix of new and second hand products work best. Your website designer can help you implement this.

Professional web design

A well designed website will ensure you stand out from your competitors, increase the number of online donations, encourage interaction with your charity and help raise your profile. A professional web designer will work with you to design a website based not only on your needs, but one that encourages donations. It is also beneficial for your website designer to have experience in the charity sector.

Stay in touch!

The fundraising process is just getting started when someone makes a donation. Why? Because every past donor is a potential future donor. You need to keep in touch with them to encourage them to donate again!. If they can clearly see their donation has made a real difference, then guess what?, they will donate again!. Email newsletters are a superb method of keeping in touch with your donors, as they help past and potential supporters feel connected to your charity. For further help contact Web Design Liverpool today.


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