Increasing your domains authority


Increasing your domains authority

You maybe left wondering, how come some websites rank higher than you, even though your article/page was written first?. Well search engines use lots of different factors to calculate your websites ranking for particular keywords. However one of the most important factors is domain authority. By having a greater domain authority, search engines will see your content as more important, no matter what topic your write about. However gaining domain authority takes time and is earned through hard work. Their is no shortcut to ranking well, and trying to cheat the system will have adverse affects if you get caught.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority was developed by Moz, How Domain Authority is calculatedto predict how well a domain (website) will rank in the search engine results. They take into account lots of different factors when calculating your score such as Moz Rank, Moz Trust, social signals, linking root domains, total backlink profile, user experience, website loading times, traffic, etc. All of which should be improved over time as your website ages. Domain Authority is a score out of a 100, and you should always aim to get this as high as possible. Remember though, no one can guarantee you a particular ranking in search engine results, but SEO will certainly help to improve it. So by improving your SEO efforts you are increasing your chances of reaching that all important first page.

How do I improve my websites domain authority?

Domain authority is calculated on the basis of so many different factors. However here are the main areas which you should focus on:

  • Links from other websites – One of the most crucial factors used in the calculation is number and quality of domains linking to your website. The anchor text used is also important, and you should aim to keep this varied.
  • Quality of content – You should always seek to keep your website update with unique content of high quality.
  • Social signals – These are gaining more weight in the calculation over time, so always encourage people to like and share your articles/pages to improve its popularity.
  • On page SEO – Always ensure your website abides by Google rules, such as using appropriate alt text, making good use of headings, links, keywords etc.

How to check your domain authority

Their are various online tools available to check your domain authority, however Moz offer the official toolbar which is great. Please remember your websites domain authority is calculated every fortnight, so check regularly to see how your score is progressing.


Your website’s domain authority is an important factor used to gauge how well your site is likely to perform in the search results. With this mind you always look to improve this, and remember this is always on going work. Their is always improvements that can be made to any website!

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