Marketing your website


Marketing your website

Your business website is an essential tool in your marketing strategy. It not only helps new customers find you, but it also advertises everything you have to offer. A website can have many purposes, to attract new customers, engage with existing customers, improve your customer service, and offer online sales/services. If marketed correctly you business website not only has the ability to reach businesses and consumers locally, but in fact globally. This means online marketing is the most crucial form of business marketing, and in fact the most cost effective if done correctly!

Plan out your website marketing

Before you start to design your website, how to market your websiteyou will need to develop a clear idea of your targeted market (who you are trying to reach) and what you want to achieve. To gain maximum exposure from your business website, you will need to advertise it on search engines and other popular places. Their are many different places to advertise online, but the most popular being; pay per click campaigns, SEO (help get your website to the top of the natural search results) and social media marketing. Business directories can also be useful to target customers on a more local level, however the number of people using them has dramatically decreased over the past couple of years. Another useful tip is to carefully choose your domain name, so it is memorable and reflects what your business does.

Please remember though, a well marketing website can do more than attract new customers. Think about using it to keep existing customers up to date with special offers, news and product updates. Many businesses also use it as a means of cutting costs by streamlining services, and improving customer service.

Website design and content

Many businesses often forget that the design of your website should reflect your business image and brand identity. So a cheap website or one done through a builder is unlikely to give a good impression. A professional web designer has the skills and experience to not only design a great looking website, but one that is designed in a way to generate as many sales as possible. As it is becoming a more competitive online market, you need a website that stands out from the crowd, whilst also offering something different. It is also good idea to think about offering a newsletter signup option, allowing you to connect with people that many not even used your services yet. if they have signed up then they are obviously interested, so you just need to keep them updated with special offers, news, success stories and anything else you can impress them with.

Maintaining your company website

Designing, building and launching your website is just the start of your journey. You need to test it to make sure everything is working correctly, and keep it updated!. Search engines love fresh, unique, relevant and well written content, and will reward you with an increased ranking over time. Remember to choose a good web host, to ensure your website is available online 24/7, unlike the cheap or even free alternatives. Also keep a regular backup of your website!, just in case anything goes wrong in the future.


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